Friday, December 19, 2014

Wattages and Ohms Law for Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Electric Heaters and heating elements become hot due to a voltage being pushed through a wire.  The resistance in the wire measured in Ohms creates the heat.  The more resistance the hotter the wire gets. The more voltage pushed through the wire, the hotter the wire gets. Simply the smaller the wire (or the longer the wire run) the more resistance it gives to the voltage passing through.

So as voltage increases the wattage will increase four-fold.  As the voltage decreases the wattage will decrease by a factor of 4 as well.  The below table shows the percentage of drop or gain with different applied voltages to a heating element.

Rated at 277 volts the expected wattage % is
277 applied 100% (rated Wattage)
240 applied  75%
230 applied  69%
208 applied  56%
120 applied  19%

Rated at 240 volts the expected wattage % is
277 applied 133%
240 applied 100% (rated wattage)
230 applied  92%
208 applied  75%
120 applied  25%  (1/4 wattage)

Rated at 120 volts the expected wattage % is
240 Applied  400%  (4 times wattage - Dangerous) 
208 Applied  300%  (3 times wattage - Dangerous)
120 Applied  100%  (rated Wattage)
110 Applied   84%

This is all based on Ohm's Law.

Simple Ohms Law equations are:

Watts = VOLTS x AMPS
Volts =  AMPS x OHMS

A Conductor Wire's resistance is constant based on wire size and length.

A heater's watt rating is based on the wire used in the heating element and the voltage applied.

To get a 9.5 kilowatt rated heater run at 240 volts; a wire with a resistance of 6.6 Ohms is used. (If there are two elements in the heater, then each is rated at 4.75 kw and the resistance of the wire would be 12.12.)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Calculating the Volume of Water in a Water Line

Whenever you turn on a gas, propane or electric tankless water heater the hot water starts heating up as soon as the minimum flow rate is met for the hot water demand. It takes a few seconds for the water to get heated up to the requested temperature. But, before the hot water starts to flow out of your shower or sink faucet the cold water that is in the pipe has to be pushed through your faucet. This is often referred to as pushing a "cold water slug".

Customers frequently ask us how much water is contained in this cold water slug and how long it will take to push this slug through their faucet. This can be easily calculated by using the formula for the volume of a cylinder.

The formula for the volume of a cylinder is V = Pi x r x r x h

where Pi = 3.1416; r = the radius of the water line; and h = height (or in this case the length) of the line

If your water line is 1/2" then r = .25" and r x r = .0625" and Pi x r x r = 0.19635 square inches
If your water line is 3/4" then r = .375" and r x r = .1406" and Pi x r x r = 0.4417875 square inches

Now to get all units in inches calculate h (the length of the water line) by taking feet x 12". As an example let's assume we have a 40' water line of 1/2" pipe. 40' = 480" so we calculate the Volume as:

V = 0.19635 square inches x 480" = 94.248 cubic inches

Now there are 1728 cubic inches in a cubic foot and there are 7.48 gallons in a cubit foot. Therefore there are 0.0043 gallons in a cubic inch.

So, 94.248 cubic inches * 0.0043 gallons = 0.4 gallons of water.

If you are running this cold water slug through a 1 GPM sink faucet then it will take .4 x 60 seconds or 24 seconds to push the cold water slug through the 1 GPM faucet. Add a few more seconds for the tankless water heater to bring the water up to temperature and remember that there are about 15' of internal pipe in a gas or propane tankless water heater that also starts out with cold water. In this example it will take just more that 1/2 minute to get the hot water flowing out of the faucet.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bosch Neutralizers for Condensing Boilers and Water Heaters

Bosch recently has started to carry the Condensate Neutralizers for all the Bosch condensing boilers and Bosch tankless water heaters.  Condensate Neutralizers are recommended on all condensing equipment and should be serviced annually. Currently we offer 6 different JJM condensate neutralizers that cover the entire product range from the smallest output of 57,000 BTU (16kW) to the largest of 5,443,000 BTU (1,550kW).

Below is a list of what condensate neutralizer to use for each Bosch condensing boiler and Bosch tankless water heater.

The JM-2C & JM-2C PLUS can be used for any boiler or tankless water heater up to 200,000 BTU.

The JM-6C must be used for the Bosch C1210ES/ESC as it is over 200,000 BTU

Please call us at 866-289-4652 for more information and pricing.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bosch Compress HP 200-1 Being Discontinued

Bosch has recently advised all wholesalers that the Bosch Compress HP 200-1 Heat Pump # 7736500041 is being discontinued.  Bosch is always looking for ways to improve products and while an analysis is conducted to look into options to offer a new model in 2015.  Support for the Compress HP 200-1 will still be available through Bosch Technical Support.  This item is currently out of stock.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Changes to Bosch Therm Outdoor Vent Kit - BTOK

Bosch is in the process of changing the color of all the Bosch Greentherm, Therm and Greenstar units to White from the old color of Silver.  This will effect the Bosch Outdoor Vent Kit - BTOK.

The new Bosch Outdoor Vent Kit - BTOK will change to white also.  Please see the new part number listed below.

 BTOK - #7736502448, (Old part #7709003213)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Changes to Bosch Therm Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Bosch is always upgrading their products and coming out with new and better models and changes.  Below are a few new changes to the Bosch Therm gas tankless water heaters.

The current silver-gray cover will be changing to Bosch white. This change is consistent with the Bosch residential product visual branding, such as with Greenstar, Greensource, Greentherm, and Therm.  Once the inventory of the units with silver covers is sold then Bosch will start changing over to the new white covers.

Warranty updates
For recirculation applications:
The C950ES, C1050ES and C1210ES heat exchanger warranty has been improved to 10 years for the following applications:
- Controlled recirculation applications
- Combination DHW and space heating applications
This warranty statement takes affect with products produced since April 2014 (FD 420). C950ES, C1050ES, and C1210ES products produced prior to April 2014 (before FD 420) will follow the previous warranty statement.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New changes to the Bosch Greentherm C950ES & C1050ES

Bosch is always making changes to their products to help improve performance.  Below are a few changes that have recently been approved for the Bosch Greentherm C950ES & Bosch Greentherm C1050ES tankless water heaters.

There have been a lot of new accessories added and approved for the heaters:
Accessories (Bosch part #)
• Concentric termination kit 3"/5"PVC (196006)
• Concentric vent kit 80/125 PP (7738003210)
• Concentric Up and Out kit (7 738 003 210)
• Neutralizer Kit (7738001483)
• Isolation Valve Kit (7738003449)
• Optional wireless remote control to operate with the appliance
• Cascading kit (7 709 003 962)
• Outdoor kit (7709003913)
• Concentric termination kit 3"/6" PVC (196016)
• Exhaust/Intake bird screen (L2594)
• Condensate drain tee (196061) [included with Concentric
termination kits]
• Pipe Cover (PTPCES)
• High temperature kit (7736500074)
• Recess box kit (7736500043)
• Pressure relief valve (7 738 001 152)

The Bosch Greentherm C950ES & C1050ES can now be vented using 2" PVC/CPVC and must use the twin pipe system for this application.  Please see the venting section in the installation manual for more details.

The Front cover for the Bosch C950ES & C1050ES is changing from Silver to White.  This will be in effect for all the Greentherm and Therm units.

The Thermal Efficiency for the Greentherm C950ES heater is 94% with an Energy Factor of .95.
The Thermal Efficiency for the Greentherm C1050ES heater is 96% with an Energy Factor of .95.

Warranty updates
For recirculation applications:
The C950ES & C1050ES heat exchanger warranty has been improved to 10 years for the following applications:
- Controlled recirculation applications
- Combination DHW and space heating applications
This warranty statement takes affect with products produced since April 2014 (FD 420). C950ES & C1050ES products produced prior to April 2014 (before FD 420) will follow the previous warranty statement.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

New 2015 Energy Factor Changes affecting Bosch Tankless Water Heaters

A major change to the water heater market is on the way, creating both challenges and opportunities for plumbing, heating and HVAC contractors, designers and engineers.

New energy efficiency mandates from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will take effect on April 16, 2015. They require higher energy factor (EF) ratings on virtually all residential water heating products including gas-fired, oil-fired, electric, tabletop, instantaneous gas-fired and instantaneous electric.  Tankless systems already exceed these EF requirements, and all other water heating products manufactured before the DOE mandates take effect can still be bought and installed after the changeover date.

“It’s important for contractors to become familiar with the new rules and the technology options,” said Ralph Perez, director of product management, A.O. Smith, in an interview with Perspective Media. “There are products available that comply with the 2015 regulations, but they are generally not yet in the mass market.”

While all affected models will see an increase in the EF requirement, the most dramatic changes are in larger capacity models (see accompanying chart).  That’s because the only technologies that now meet the EF requirements over 55 gallons are electric heat pump water heaters and high-efficiency condensing gas water heaters.
The Bosch gas fired tankless water heaters affected by the new energy factor are the Bosch 330PN LP & NG, Bosch 520HN LP & NG and the Bosch 520PN LP & NG.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Using Bosch Tankless for Domestic Hot Water Recirculation

Bosch tankless water heaters can be used in recirculation applications and there are many different set ups for this such as direct recirculation and indirect recirculation.  Certain models of the Bosch tankless water heaters are approved for direct recirculation and are listed below.  Please be aware that the heat exchanger warranty of 15 years will be reduced to 3 years for direct recirculation.  This is stated in the warranty section of the installation manual.   All of the Bosch tankless water heaters can be set up for an indirect recirculation application in conjunction with a mini tank, recirculation pump and aquastat as described in the image below. The warranty for recirculation through an indirect mini-tank and not directly through the heater is 15 years.

Bosch tankless water heaters approved for direct recirculation:
Bosch Therm C1210ES
Bosch Therm C1210ESC (Commercial Unit)
Bosch Greentherm C1050
Bosch Greentherm C950
Bosch Therm 940ES
Bosch Therm 830ES

Diagram for Recirculation Application:
(This schematic is for illustration only and must not be used for actual installation without appropriate engineering and technical advise from a properly licensed professional in the locality where the installation is made).

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bosch Tankless Water Heaters Used for Solar Thermal Applications

Certain models of the Bosch tankless water heaters are approved and designed for using Solar Thermal. Solar Thermal applications should be set up in conjunction with an indirect tank to maintain a more consistent temperature but the heater can be used for direct solar preheated water.  The maximum temperature for the solar preheated water into the Bosch tankless water heater is 140 degrees F.  The Bosch tankless water heaters that are approved for Solar preheated water are listed below:

Bosch Therm 830ES
Bosch Therm 940ES
Bosch Greentherm C950ES
Bosch Greentherm C1050ES
Bosch Therm C1210ES
Bosch Therm C1210ESC

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bosch Greentherm C1050ES & C950ES Venting Limitations

The Bosch Greentherm C1050ES and the Bosch Greentherm C950ES gas tankless water heaters have minimum and maximum venting lengths for the exhaust and intake air.  Please review the specifications below for the two heaters and the size, material and lengths that can be used.

Vent options
The Greentherm C1050ES & C950ES must comply with the following material for exhaust and intake air.

PP common vent
PP twin pipe
PVC schedule 40 ANSI/ASTM D1785
CPVC schedule 40 ANSI/ASTM F441
ABS-DWV schedule ANSI/ASTM D2661

The Greentherm C1050ES & C950ES have many different ways they can vent such as horizontal or vertical and can use different types of material for venting and intake air.  There is the Polypropylene up and out concentric vent kit, Polypropylene common vent system if you are cascading more than one unit and up to 4 units, PVC Concentric vent kit, you can do a twin pipe PVC vent, etc.

Maximum vent lengths for exhaust, intake air and use of elbows  for the Greentherm C1050ES & C950ES are listed below:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Global Pro Tankless Supply 4th of July Sale

Global Pro Tankless Supply is pleased to announce our 4th of July Sale that will be running from June 26th through July 11th 2014 at midnight ET. Everything will be marked way down for this special sale period.  Global Pro Tankless Supply will meet or beat any other authorized distributor's price as part of this promotion.  Global Pro Tankless Supply would need to verify the competitors discounted price either in e-mail or through a website.

Global Pro Tankless Supply will be knocking prices down on all our Bosch Gas tankless water heaters, electric tankless water heaters, Bosch Greenstar Boilers and Combi Boilers. No coupons are necessary as our prices have already been reduced on our web site at

We also have special July 4th sale pricing on our Humphrey gas lights & accessories, Danfoss electric in-floor heating mats, Z-Vent Stainless Steel Venting and Virgo water filtration systems.

Please feel free to e-mail us with questions at  or call us at 866-289-4652. We are open 24x7 to assist you in selecting the best product for your needs.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bosch Tankless Water Heater Warranty

Bosch Thermotechnology provides the warranty for all of its Bosch tankless water heaters, including gas, propane and electric tankless water heaters in addition to the electric mini-tank water heaters.

You can find the full details of these Bosch product warranties at:

At this link you will also find the Bosch warranties for their Geothermal Heat Pumps, Bosch Greenstar Boilers, Stainless Steel Storage Tanks, and Solar products.

The warranty is always provided by the manufacturer, so you can contact Bosch directly with any warranty questions. Bosch also provides the warranty for all of its replacement parts.

Call us at 866.289.4652 if your Bosch water heater, boiler, storage tank or replacement part are out of warranty and in need of replacement. We offer Next Day Air, Second Day Air, and Ground shipping options for all of our Bosch products.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Replacing an Aquastar 240FX with Bosch Therm 830ES

The Aquastar model 240FX was a unit that was distributed by Controlled Energy Corporation (CEC) many years ago.  The 240FX was manufactured by Takagi and was capable of 2 major applications at one time. The Aquastar 240FX was a 165K BTU unit, took 4" single wall sealed galvanized or 4" single wall stainless steel venting.  The 240FX took it's combustion air from the area where it was installed.  The 240FX could sit right on the ground as the water and gas connections came out the left side of the unit.  Wall mounting was also an option.  The 240FX was suppose to be vented out the sidewall of the home for a maximum of 15' using the FXHood as the termination.  The Aquastar 240FX has been obsolete for some time and now most of the parts are no longer made also.

The closest replacement for the Aquastar 240FX is now the Bosch Therm 830ES.  The Bosch 830ES is a 175K BTU unit and is good for 2 major applications at one time.  The 3/4" water and gas connection are on the bottom of the unit vs the left side of the Aquastar 240FX.  The venting on the 830ES must be either 3" or 4" stainless steel single wall venting (AL29-4C) venting up through the roof or out the sidewall.  There is a vertical vent kit, ES VVT vertical vent kit avalable and also a sidewall vent kit, AQ3ES sidewall vent kit for venting out the side of the home.  The intake air for the 830ES is taken from the outside also using 3" PVC and should be taken from the same wall or roof the exhaust is going out through.  Please refer to the link above for more information on the Bosch Therm 830ES or call us at 866-289-4652 with questions.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Freeze Prevention Kit for Bosch Therm 520PN & 520HN Models

The Bosch Freeze Prevention Kit, part number 7709003775 is sold as an accessory and is approved for the Bosch Therm 520PN & 520HN heaters.  The Freeze Prevention Kit is designed to provide protection for the water heater down to approximately 5 degrees F for short term conditions only.  Power is required for the freeze prevention kit and plugs directly into a 110V outlet.   It will not protect the appliance in areas where the temperature is routinely expected to be below freezing.

The Freeze Prevention Kit will not protect plumbing outside the appliance from freezing.  Precautions should be taken to prevent this.

For more information and to order the Bosch Freeze prevention kit please call us at 866-289-4652.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Bosch Therm Intelligent Cascading Kit

The Bosch Therm Intelligent Cascading Kit part number 7709003962 connects the Bosch Therm tankless water heaters together in an intelligent cascading setup.  Up to 24 Bosch Therm tankless water heaters can be connected together in intelligent cascading to deliver more GPM for each heater cascaded.

The Bosch Therm Intelligent Cascading Kit is designed to work with the following Bosch tankless water heaters:  C1210ESC, C1210ES, C1050ES, C950ES, 940ES, 940ESO, 830ES.

Please refer to the installation manual for proper installation of the Bosch Therm Intelligent Cascading Kit.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thermostat's for the New Bosch Tronic 3000T ES2.5 & ES4

The new Bosch Tronic 3000T ES2.5 & ES4 thermostat features a new sensing probe that is attached to the thermostat and inserts into the cavity of the new heating element so the heater can adjust temperatures quicker and maintain a more consistent heat.  The thermostat has an adjustment knob accessible from the outside of the unit on the front cover.  The temperature adjustment knob for the older models was located under the oval cover on the front of the unit.

The part number for the thermostat is 7738002302 and will work for the wholesale model ES2.5 & ES4 mini tank water heaters.  This thermostat will also work for the retail model Ariston GL2.5S & GL4S as well as the older Ariston Pro Ti GL2.5TiS and Ariston Pro Ti GL4TiS mini-tank electric water heaters.

The new thermostat will NOT work for any of the older Ariston GL2.5/GL4/GL2.5Ti or the GL4Ti electric mini-tank water heaters.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Danfoss Electric Floor Heating Mats

LX Floor Heating Mats, 120V - 240V
Danfoss LX Electric Floor HeatingSystem (Self-Adhesive Mat & Thermostat) is an affordable luxury that brings warmth to life. It's a proven technology that is safe, reliable, and energy efficient. The unique adhesive system saves 70% on installation time!

• Pre-applied heating cable means even heat every time
• Dual-adhesive backing, no fastening required
• Single point connection
• Twin conductor cable
• Eliminates EMF’s (electromagnetic fields)
• Customize mat on the job site
• Minimal thickness-only adds 3/16” height to the floor
• Safety approved for wet locations (Under Showers)
• Even heat every time
• No fastening required
• Genuine ten year non-prorated warranty, includes labor and materials
• Do not cut the RED wire.

Danfoss Mats are easy to install.  They are best installed under tile, or other ceramic material as the heat transfer is excellent.  A layer of insulation should be installed below the mat.  A plywood sub floor can work for this as wood has poor heat transfer characteristics and will “force” the heat up to the more conductive ceramic.  Conductive heat, like electricity, will take the easiest path available whether is be up, down, or sideways.  Air, water, wood and other insulation's are poor heat conductors and thus block the movement of heat transfer. 
(Heated air rises with it's convection heat.)

Before installing the mats measure the space to be heated.  Be sure to measure the Square footage of any built-ins as well and subtract from the rooms actual square footage, no need to heat under cabinets or behind a toilet. Though you can heat under a tile shower stall.  Also, no need to measure from wall to wall as the heat will “migrate” 3-4 inches from the mat and you cannot walk or stand within 3-4 inches of a wall. Once the square footage is known, pick a mat or mats with LESS square footage than you need.  A mat that is too large will not be able to be installed as the heating wire CANNOT be cut, only the mat mesh can be cut.  If the square footage is 100, use a 90 sq. foot mat if is it 20, use the 17.5 square foot mat.

The Danfoss Warranty requires Ohm readings be listed on the warranty card. Measurements need to be done with an Ohm meter and taken before, during and after installation.  These readings insure that the wire has not been cut or nicked and will have the required resistance needed to heat the floor.  Please see the manual for the detailed instructions.

The mats come in 120 and 240 volts.  The smallest mats are 120 volts and the largest are 240 volts and there is an overlap in the middle sizes.  All the mats are 7 amps or less of current draw (amps).  Most home circuits are 15 amps, so this allows up to 2 mats per circuit.  Additional electrical circuits are required if more than two mats are needed.  The mats cannot be connected in series, this will result in very low wattage output and an unsatisfactory result for the home owner. However, it will not harm the mats.

Danfoss can provide thermostats for their mats.  The thermostats can be used with either 120 volts or 240 volts.  All the Thermostats can control 2 mats and the mats must be the same voltage.  DO NOT CONNECT A 240 VOLT AND 120 VOLT MAT TO THE SAME THERMOSTAT.

There are three Thermostats and a Power Module:
088L5130 – LX programmable Thermostat with Floor Sensor – MOST POPULAR
088L5132 – LX Programmable Thermostat with Air Sensor – Use with non-ceramic floors
088L5133 – LX Non-programmable Thermostat with Floor Sensor
088L5135 – Danfoss Power Module – Use with Programmable mats only

The Danfoss 088L5130 Thermostat should be used in most applications; kitchens, bathrooms entryways and sunrooms where ceramic or concrete floors are installed.  The thermostat is programmable.  It can be programmed for on/off times during the workweek and different on/off times for weekends. When setting the thermostat, it is set for the time you want the floor warm.  The Thermostat will “learn” how long it takes and turn it self on with enough time so that the floor is warm at the prescribed time. This will take a few on/off cycles to be accomplished or “learned”.  The thermostat is rated at 15 amps on either 120 volts or 240 volts.  The thermostat is also a Class A GFCI.  This protects humans and animals from a ground fault if a mat is damaged plus meets required codes for GFCI’s in bathrooms and kitchens where water faucets exist.
(A ground fault is when a damaged electrical circuit and water cross paths.  The GFCI senses the loss of current and immediately shuts off the circuit before a shock can happen.)

THE DANFOSS 088L5132 thermostat is used when an LX mat is put under a wooden floor, laminate floor or carpeted floor or when using floor heat as the main heating source in the home or apartment.  The Danfoss 088L5132 has an air sensor for primary control and a floor limiter so that the floor does not get too hot.  A wooden floor can be dried out using under floor heat.  Laminate floors and lose their adhesiveness if they get too warm. If these conditions exist the O88L5132 can be used, but the Danfoss O88L5130 should be the first choice of thermostats.

The Danfoss 088L5133 thermostat is the low end thermostat that is not programmable.  It is a manual thermostat that requires human intervention to turn on and off.  Best used in rooms that are not used on a daily basis or need heat on a daily basis.  The power module CANNOT be used with the Danfoss O88L5133 thermostat.

If more than 2 mats are needed for a specific area, the Danfoss power module can be added to the system to switch on another 1 or 2 mats.  The power module is connected to the 088L5130 or 088L5132 thermostat by two wires for the control.  The Power Module does need to have its own electrical circuit to power the mats. The power module also includes a Class A GFCI.  Up to 5 power modules can be used with a single Thermostat. Each mat provides up to 15 amps of switching capability, either 120 or 240 volts.  On a side note, the power module can switch a different voltage from the main thermostat.  For example, the thermostat can switch 120 volt mats and the power module can switch 240 volt mats.
DO NOT CONNECT a 240 volt AND 120 volt mat to the SAME POWER MODULE.

The Danfoss Little Buzzer or Continuity alarm is used during installation and will let the installer know if the electrical circuit is good.   If the heating cable is cut or damaged the Little Buzzer will sound an alarm.  Batteries ARE included with the DANFOSS “Little Buzzer”.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Installing the Bosch Therm High Temperature Kit #7736500074

The Bosch Therm High Temperature Kit (7736500074) allows the maximum temperature of the Bosch tankless water heater to be raised from its normal maximum of 140 degrees F up to 180 degrees F.

The Bosch Therm High Temperature Kit is designed to work with the following Bosch tankless water heaters:  Greentherm C1050ES, Therm C10505ES, Greentherm C950ES, Therm C950ES, C800ES, Integra 500, 940ES, 940ESO, Evolution 500 and 830ES.

The Bosch Therm High Temperature Kit is not designed to work with the Bosch Therm C1210ESC or the C1210ES.

The Bosch Therm High Temperature Kit is bascially some instructions and a couple Jumpers.  The installation of the kit is very easy.  There are 2 small jumpers that will be inserted on the control board in the Bosch tankless water heater.

Installing the Bosch Therm High Temperature Kit:
*Make sure power to the unit is TURNED OFF!
1.  First remove the front cover of the heater.
2.  Then remove the screws holding the control unit on the bottom of the heater.
3.  Once the control unit is detached then you can access the back of the control unit and you will see a square cutout on the back and some pins where the jumpers will be inserted.  The pins are labeled JP5, JP6, JP7, JP8 and JP2 on the bottom.  Insert the 2 small jumpers from the high temp kit into pins JP7 & JP8.
4.  Double check connections and then screw the control unit back into place and put the front cover on.
5.  Turn the power back on and the heater should default to 120 degrees F.  You will now be able to raise and lower the temperature on the unit from 100 - 184 degrees F.  Please take into consideration that when the heater is set at say, 180 degrees that the unit will only be able to flow about 1.5 - 3 GPM depending on the heater you have.  The higher the temperature the lower flow you will get.

Friday, February 28, 2014

New Bosch Tronic 5000C Pro WH36 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Bosch has just released the new Bosch Tronic 5000C Pro WH36 electric tankless water heater.  This new Bosch electric tankless water heater is capable of doing more applications at one time for the people that are limited to electric power only in their homes.
The new Bosch WH36 is capable of up to 6 gallons per minute (gpm) and can the maximum temperature is 131 Degrees F.  The unit will produce 3.5 gpm at 131 degrees max.  This new Bosch electric tankless water heater is great for people looking to do 2 different things at one time.  The WH36 has a high power requirement to heat the water as it passes through.  The unit will require a 300 AMP service to the home and will need to be hard wired in with 6 ga wire to 3 - double pole 60 AMP breakers.  Please have your installer refer to the installation manual for proper installation and power requirements.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Replacement Heat Exchanger #87054064220 for Bosch Protankless 715ES

The replacement heat exchanger for the Bosch Protankless 715ES has a new part number of 87054064220. This part number has changed from the original part number of 8705406356.  The heat exchanger part number 87054064220 is also the replacement for Bosch Therm 830ES, 940ES, 940ESO and the Bosch Evolution 500.
This replacement heat exchanger is also good for the retail heaters Bosch 2400ES/2700ES.