Friday, May 31, 2013

Descaling Bosch Gas Tankless Water Heaters

All of the Bosch gas tankless water heaters both in natural gas (NG) and Liquid Propane (LP) should be descaled now and then on a periodic basis depending on the quality of the water in your area.  Some towns have low mineral content while others are very hard.  Scale is basically mineral deposits in the water that pass through the copper tubing of the heat exchanger and after heating up they stick to the insides of the copper piping and over long periods of time will restrict the flow of water through the heat exchanger causing issues and overheating. 

Global Pro Tankless Supply sells a Flow-Aide Descaling Kit that allows the user to flush the Bosch tankless water heater with not much work involved and eliminates the scale built up in the heater.

  • The Flow-Aide Descaler Kit comes with everything you need to quickly dissolve water scale, lime, rust, and other water formed deposits, restoring efficiency to all Bosch gas tankless water heaters.  This descaling kit will also work for all other gas tankless water heaters, boilers, etc.

  • Flow Aide System Descaler is a non-toxic concentrate which is certified to NSF/ANSI 60 for use as a cleaner in potable water systems. Flow-Aide is the perfect descaling solution to keep your Tankless Water Heater in good operation. Combining Flow-Aide with one of our Isolation Valve Kits (Service Valves) will make the descaling process quick and easy!

    Flow-Aide is: Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic, Fully Biodegradable*, Safe to Handle, Zero V.O.C.

    IMPROVE EQUIPMENT EFFICIENCY: Water scale deposits are a significant cause of heat transfer loss, along with the subsequent increase in energy costs. In fact, even a thin layer of scale (1/32") can cause a 30% increase in the cost to operate that piece of equipment. Keeping the heating passages free of mineral deposits significantly improves efficiency, conserves energy, extends the useful life of the equipment, and saves you time & money.

    The Flow-Aide Descaling Kit includes the following:

    1 - 3.5 Gallon Bucket
    1 - 350 GPH Pump
    2 - 5 Foot Rubber Hoses
    1 - Quart Flow-Aide

    There is also the Flow-Aide Descaling Kit PLUS which includes the Isolation Valve Kit (Service Valves).  We also sell additional quarts and gallons of the Flow-Aide Solution.