Thursday, November 9, 2017

Bosch FW200 Weather Compensating Control Compatibility

The Bosch FW200 Weather Compensating Control is "not" compatible with the Bosch CZM100  zone manager, Bosch CRC100 and CRC200 room controllers.  The Bosch CZM100 zone manager, CRC100 and CRC200 room controllers are BUS driven controllers and the FW200 is not.  All of the Bosch Greenstar gas-fired boilers come with the CRC200 Comfort room controller and the CRC200 has an indoor reset that adjusts the unit to the temperature inside the home and works very well.  The CRC100 and the CRC200 room controllers can both be used in conjunction with the Bosch CZM zone manager.

The only time someone would want to use the Bosch FW200 Weather Compensating Control is if they only have 1 zone and do not want to use the Bosch CRC200 that comes with the boiler.  The Bosch FW200 "will" work in conjunction with other zone managers manufactured by any other brand except for Bosch.  Some of the zone managers that will work with the FW200 are companies like Taco, Grundfaus, etc. The FW200 has an outdoor reset for temperature control and the CRC200 room controller has an indoor reset.
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