Wednesday, December 11, 2019

New Bosch PROTL Series

Global Protankless Supply is now carrying the full line of Bosch ProTL series gas tankless water heaters.  This is a special edition line of gas tankless water heaters Bosch has just released and will be available for a limited time.  The new Bosch ProTL series are the equivalent to the older Bosch Greentherm and Therm lines of gas tankless water heaters.  The only difference in the units from the older units is they are labeled as ProTL units and were designed to be sold directly to contractors and plumbers.  Please see below for the Bosch equivalent:

Bosch ProTL Model        Part Number     Bosch Equivalent Model
Bosch ProTL 199CL         7-736-505-107     Bosch Greentherm C1050ES LP
Bosch ProTL 199CN        7-736-505-109      Bosch Greentherm C1050ES NG
Bosch ProTL 175CL         7-736-505-106     Bosch Greentherm C950ES LP
Bosch ProTL 175CN        7-736-505-108      Bosch Greentherm C950ES NG
Bosch ProTL 199L           7-736-505-104      Bosch Therm 940ES LP
Bosch ProTL 199N           7-736-505-105      Bosch Therm 940ES NG
Bosch ProTL 175L            7-736-505-102     Bosch Therm 830ES LP
Bosch ProTL 175N           7-736-505-103      Bosch Therm 830ES NG

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Dimensional Data for Z-Flex Double Wall Stainless Steel Venting

Global Protankless Supply is an Authorized Distributor of all Z-Flex Z-Vent stainless steel venting.  We provide stainless steel venting in diameters of 3" all the way up to 24".  The Z-Flex Z-Vent stainless steel (AL29-4C) venting comes in either single wall or double wall venting.  Dimensions on the double wall venting is different than the single wall venting. All Z-Flex Z-Vent double wall venting has an inside diameter dimension and an outside diameter dimension.  As an example a piece of Z-Flex Z-Vent double wall stainless steel venting pipe 4" diameter by 4' long would have an inside diameter of 4" and an outside diameter of 6" due to the double wall.
Please call Global Protankless Supply at 866-289-4652 for any further questions or to place an order.