Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bosch Greenstar FW200 Weather Compensation Boiler Control

Global Pro Tankless Supply carries the Greenstar FW200 Weather Compensation Boiler Control. The FW200 digital thermostat and outdoor reset boiler control acts as the nerve center of a home's heating system. Programmable up to six switching times throughout the day, this interface can be installed within the appliance or be wall mounted in any location throughout the home. Providing instant feedback to the end-user along with the built-in diagnostic effortlessly pinpoints operational issues.

This is an outdoor reset control. It increases or decreases the output of your heating system depending on the outdoor temperature. The controls can be installed on the boiler or mounted directly on the wall in the living area. If it is in the room, it can also be used to record the room temperature for optimizing comfort.
The FW200 is included with the Greenstar Wall Hung (WH) Boilers and is optional on the Greenstar Floor Standing (FS) models.