Friday, February 23, 2018

Top Water Connections on the New Bosch Greentherm 9900 & 9800 Series Models

Global Pro Tankless Supply is now carrying the new line of Bosch Greentherm 9900 and 9800 series gas tankless water heaters.  The new Bosch Greentherm units have 3/4" water connections on the top of the units now for easier installation.  This will make the installation easier when replacing a traditional style tank heater.  The new Bosch 9900 & 9800 series units also have drain/flush ports on the bottom of the unit to service and drain the heater as needed.  There is no longer a need for service valves to be installed on the hot/cold water connection fittings.  All of the new Bosch Greentherm outdoor models have bottom water connection fittings.
Below is a list and links to the new 9900 & 9800 Series units.
Bosch Greentherm 9900 Series Models (come with built in recirculation pump)
Bosch Greentherm 9900 SEi 199
Bosch Greentherm 9900 SE 199
Bosch Greentherm 9900 SE 160

Bosch Greentherm 9800 Series Models
Bosch Greentherm 9800 SE 199
Bosch Greentherm 9800 SE 160