Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Bosch Ductless Minisplit Systems

Global Protankless Supply is please to announce we are now carrying the full line of Bosch Ductless Minisplt Systems.  Our Energy Star rated minisplit system provides high-efficient quiet comfort in any room of your house. While our single-zone system allows you to heat or cool one space at a time, our multi-zone system allows you to heat or cool up to five rooms with just one outdoor condensing section.  Ideal for individual rooms with inadequate heating or cooling, additions, enclosed patios, homes without space for ductwork, or an entire home! No ductwork required makes for easy installation. 
By utilizing advanced, energy-saving inverter drive technology, the minisplit system can help achieve even temperature / humidity levels throughout the conditioned space. The indoor unit senses the room’s temperature and automatically adjustments the fan speed to achieve consistent comfort.

The Bosch minisplit is designed for easy installation. No ductwork needed – perfect for tight spaces. Only a 3” diameter or less opening is needed for running the lines. Indoor air quality is managed with an easily accessible integrated multi-part filter system. The built-in Self Cleaning mode removes moisture and additional particles to assure fresh, breathable air.

Some of the features of the mini splits are:

  • Energy efficient to save you money - Up to 22 SEER
  • Silent mode - Super quiet with sound levels as low as 20 dBA
  • Enjoy a quiet and comfortable sleep
  • Power cooling - Use turbo mode to quickly create a comfortable temperature
  • Follow me feature - Provides individualized comfort
  • Fan motor designed for quick removal and replacement
  • Easy to detach air handler with simple, pull-out feature
  • Quick access to system components
For more information on the Bosch minisplit systems please call Global Protankless supply at 866-289-4652.