Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bosch Greenstar Wall-Hung Boilers Now Come With CRC200 Comfort Room Controller

All of the Bosch Greenstar Wall-Hung boilers now come with the CRC200 Comfort Room Controller.  The Wall-Hung Greenstar boilers used to come with the FW200 Weather Compensating Controller but that is now sold as an accessory. The Bosch Greenstar Floor-Standing boilers do not come with a thermostat.

The CRC200 is a programmable controller with an integrated temperature sensor and can be used as a boiler control or in conjunction with the CZM100 Comfort Zone Manager as a room controller. It comes with back light and features a time program for heating and indirect hot water tank.
The user interface is used to control a heating zone and a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) tank charging circuit for water heating directly at the heat source. The user interface displays information about the heat source and heating system and is used to change the settings.

A maximum of 8 heating zones is permitted when connected to several CZM100 Comfort Zone Managers. Water heating may be controlled with or without time program. Installation options: On the wall with a BUS connection to a heat source or CZM100 module with an EMS-BUS Interface (Energy Management System).

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