Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Measuring Gas Pressure using a Manometer

manometer is referred to as a pressure measuring instrument, usually limited to measuring pressures near to atmospheric. The term manometer is often used to refer specifically to liquid column hydro-static instruments. Most of the more common manometers measure the pressure in inches of water column.  There are many different types of manometers for measuring gas pressure but they all measure the static load pressure and the dynamic pressure.  There are digital manometers of all kinds but the most common and easiest to use is the water column manometer.
Digital Manometer
Static pressure is uniform in all directions, so pressure measurements are independent of direction in an immovable (static) fluid (static pressure basically refers to the gas pressure within the Bosch tankless water heater when the heater is NOT in operation). Flow, however, applies additional pressure on surfaces perpendicular to the flow direction, while having little impact on surfaces parallel to the flow direction. This directional component of pressure in a moving (dynamic) fluid is called dynamic pressure (dynamic pressure is the gas pressure when the Bosch tankless water heater is in operation). 

Bosch gas tankless water heaters all have some type of inlet pressure tap or measuring port for measuring the gas pressure either for natural gas or liquid propane gas.  Please refer to the measuring gas pressure section for each individual Bosch gas tankless water heater.  The amount of gas flow and pressure to the tankless water heater is dependent upon the size, type and length of the gas line itself.  Always try to use the largest size possible and refer to the installation gas line sizing chart in the manual for the tankless water heater.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New 95% AFUE Rating for Bosch Greenstar Gas Fired Wall Hung Boilers

Bosch Thermotechnology has recently announced that the Bosch Greenstar models have been tested and certified by AHRI with a 95% AFUE rating. The wall mounted gas fired condensing boilers feature the best of German engineering, designed for easy service and are backed with the best warranty in the industry. The Greenstar is available in both heat only and combi models ranging from 57-151 MBH.  Available for Natural Gas or LP - one of these boilers will be a great fit for your application.

The Bosch Greenstar boilers are certified ENERGY STAR products, and with the AFUE rating of 95% they are eligible for the $150 Federal Tax credit for natural gas, propane, or oil furnace or hot water boiler. These boilers are also eligible for many state, local and utility rebates, such as Gas Networks in Massachusetts and Philadelphia Gas Works. Visit the DSIRE web site to find rebates in your area.

Haven't installed a Bosch Greenstar boiler? Now is a great time to buy with excellent rebates for your customers and for you - the Bosch Greenstar models are eligible for a $100 contractor rebate through the Bosch Thermotechnology Summer Sizzler Program which runs until September 15. View these products in the AHRI directory.  Please note the $100 contractor rebate is done through Bosch Thermotechnology and not through Global Protankless Supply.  Please call Global Protankless Supply for contractor pricing on units and accessories.