Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bosch Therm Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

The top-of-the-line Bosch Therm Tankless Water Heaters feature a secondary condensing heat exchanger. This condensing heat exchanger is able to take the heat and energy that would be otherwise going up and out the exhaust pipe and channel that heat back into the water.

There are two main effects from this process. First, this process of reclaiming the heat before it goes out the exhaust boosts the thermal efficiency up by 10 percentage points from 82% to 92%. This means that you are paying less day after day to heat your home's hot water. Second, the heat taken out of the exhaust gases reduces the heat of the exhaust and thus allows the Bosch Therm condensing tankless water heaters to vent through PVC rather than through stainless steel. Of course, PVC is less expensive, so again the home owner saves money.

For example, the Bosch Therm C 1050ES condensing tankless water heater is a 199,000 BTU/hr maximum input unit with a 92% thermal efficiency. Not only can this heater vent out through PVC, but there is an optional concentric vent kit that can be used in either vertical or horizontal exhaust systems. In comparison, the Bosch Therm 940ES is also a 199,000 BTU/hr maximum input tankless water heater. But, as this heater does not have the secondary condensing heat exchanger it must vent through stainless steel vent pipe.

As expected, the Bosch C 1050ES costs more up front than the Bosch 940ES does. It is expected that after a few years of use the higher efficiency Bosch Therm C 1050ES will allow the home owner to recoup the higher up front capital cost.

The Bosch Therm condensing tankless water heaters all start with a "C" to indicate "Condensing." They are:

  • Bosch Therm C 1210ESC (Commercial) 225,000 BTU
  • Bosch Therm C 1210ES (Residential) 225,000 BTU
  • Bosch Therm C 1050ES (Commercial or Residential) 199,000 BTU
Of these, the only heater that is Energy Star rated is the Bosch Therm C1050ES tankless water heater as it is below the 200,000 BTU level.

All of the Bosch Therm Condensing tankless water heaters come with a 15 year warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5 year warranty on all other parts. These heaters can only be sold to licensed installers and cannot be sold directly to home owners. They all feature an electronic ignition system and offer an optional remote control thermostat.

All three models are available in both natural gas and liquid propane and come with Bosch's patented burner design. And, they can be used in solar thermal, recirculation and space heating applications.

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