Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Bosch Remote Wired Control with WiFi #7736504945

Global Protankless Supply now carries the new Bosch Remote Wired Control with WiFi #7736504945.  The remote is designed to be wired to the Bosch Greentherm units (see compatible units below) and also has the WiFi feature included.  The Bosch Remote comes with the controller, mounting screws, connection cable, instructions and label for the unit.  The Bosch Wired Remote has many features such as diagnostics and all the regular features that are on the unit display itself except for the WiFi.  You will need the Bosch Wired Remote Controller to access WiFi capability.  

The Bosch wired remote controller with WiFi is compatible with the Bosch Greentherm units:  T9900i SE 199, T9800SE 160, T9800SE 199, T9800SEO 160, T9800SEO 199, T9900SE 160 and T9900SE 199

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