Thursday, April 21, 2016

Determining the Correct Size Bosch Whole House Electric Tankless Water Heater

For determining the correct size Bosch electric tankless water heater for your home there are a lot of variables that need to be taken into consideration.  Bosch offers 3 whole house electric tankless water heaters.  The Bosch Tronic 6000C WH17, the Bosch Tronic 6000C WH27 and the Bosch Tronic 5000 WH36.  The WH17 is a 17 Kilo Watt (KW) unit, the Bosch WH27 is a 27 KW unit and the Bosch WH36 is a 36 KW unit.  Each of the Bosch whole house electric tankless provide a little more gallons per minute (gpm) from one to the other.  When sizing your home for the correct Bosch electric tankless water heater you first want to decide how many gpm at one given time will you use.  The next thing to take into consideration is your incoming water temperature.  All these factors will determine what size electric tankless will be good for your home.

Please see the diagram and chart below to determine which Bosch electric tankless will be good for your application.

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