Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Z-Flex Z-DENS Polypropylene Rigged & Flexible Venting Material

Global Protankless Supply is pleased to announce we are now carrying the Z-Flex, Z-DENS polypropylene venting.  Polypropylene (PP) is comprised of only 2 elements carbon & hydrogen and is made without the use of any toxic or carcinogenic materials, heavy metals or chlorides. PP has a higher maximum flue gas temperature limit (230°F) as compared to PVC (149°F) & CPVC
(194°F). PP is easily 100% recyclable where PVC & CPVC is not due to its chemical composition and various additives. Recent developments in flue systems for use with high efficiency heating appliances, combined with the increased familiarity of use and installer confidence in polypropylene venting systems, has led to the development and continuous improvement of the polypropylene Z-DENS system.
Designed and Tested Safe
Unlike most PVC and CPVC pipe:

  • Z-DENS is specifically designed, tested and listed as a vent system. 
  • Z-DENS is manufactured from environmentally safe and sustainable fire retardant polypropylene, offering superior performance. 
  • Z-DENS does not require explosive or toxic cleaners, primers or cements; eliminating the safety and health concerns associated with these products. 
  • Z-DENS Self-Sealing design does not require any curing time, significantly reducing installation times and allows immediate system start up
  • Z-DENS can be used to vent appliances in New York City where PVC is NOT PERMITTED.

  • Z-DENS is available in diameters 2” (60 mm), 3” (80 mm), 4” (110 mm), 5” (125 mm), 6” (160 mm) and 8” (200 mm). Z-DENS is also fully compatible with Z-DENS FLEXIBLE and Z-DENS CONCENTRIC making for a complete and safe flue gas system.

    For more information and pricing please contact Global Protankless Supply at 866-289-4652