Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Phase-out of Bosch SSB Residential platform boilers SSB 85, 120 & 160

Global Protankless Supply would like to announce that Bosch Thermotechnology has discontinued the full line of Stainless Steel boilers.  The models that have been discontinued are the SSB 85, SSB 120 and the SSB 160.  These boilers are replaced with the Bosch Greenstar Floor-Standing boilers.

Contractors who are looking to purchase an SSB Residential model should use the chart below to reference which Greenstar boiler model is the most suitable alternative. The primary difference is the heat exchanger material, which is stainless steel for the SSB and cast aluminum for the Greenstar, as well as minor variations in the BTU inputs.

Please visit this link to view the full line of Bosch Greenstar boilers.

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

New Bosch Greenstar Wall-Hung Boiler Manifold Now Available

Global Pro Tankless Supply is pleased to announce Bosch Thermotechnology is now carrying the new Bosch Greenstar Boiler Manifold #7738007138.  The Bosch quick connect manifold is designed for all Bosch Greenstar Wall-Hung boilers.  The Bosch manifold can be used for both Greenstar Wall Hung straight boilers and also Greenstar Wall-Hung combination boilers.  This boiler manifold connector will not work on the Bosch Greenstar Floor-Standing boilers.  If using on the Bosch Greenstar combination boiler you will want to make sure the quick manifold connector is installed as to not interfere with the DHW connections.  The quick connect manifold is easy to install and saves time.  Below are some of the specifications for the boiler manifold.

Greenstar Wall-Hung boiler manifold specifications:

1.  1”NPT boiler connections to fit all Greenstar Wall boilers
2.  1.25”sweat system connections
3.  Service valves enable the boiler to be isolated from the heating system for maintenance
4.  Custom designed for plug-and-play installation with Greenstar Wall boilers
5.  Di-electric unions included for corrosion resistance

For more information or to place an order please call Global Pro Tankless Supply at 866-289-4652.