Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Bosch Greenstar Wall-Hung & Floor Standing 57 Boiler Discontinued

Global Protankless Supply would like to announce that Bosch Thermotechnology has just discontinued the Bosch Greenstar Wall-Hung & Floor Standing 57 Straight Boiler.  There was not much demand for such a low BTU boiler but Bosch is still making the Bosch Greenstar 79, 100, 131 and 151 boilers.  These boilers come in either Wall-Hung or Floor standing.  The Bosch Greenstar 79 boiler is designed for heating applications only.  The Bosch Greenstar boilers 100, 131 and 151 are designed for heating and also come as a combi unit for heating and DHW.

Below are links to the current Bosch Greenstar Boilers:

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