Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New changes to the Bosch Greentherm C950ES & C1050ES

Bosch is always making changes to their products to help improve performance.  Below are a few changes that have recently been approved for the Bosch Greentherm C950ES & Bosch Greentherm C1050ES tankless water heaters.

There have been a lot of new accessories added and approved for the heaters:
Accessories (Bosch part #)
• Concentric termination kit 3"/5"PVC (196006)
• Concentric vent kit 80/125 PP (7738003210)
• Concentric Up and Out kit (7 738 003 210)
• Neutralizer Kit (7738001483)
• Isolation Valve Kit (7738003449)
• Optional wireless remote control to operate with the appliance
• Cascading kit (7 709 003 962)
• Outdoor kit (7709003913)
• Concentric termination kit 3"/6" PVC (196016)
• Exhaust/Intake bird screen (L2594)
• Condensate drain tee (196061) [included with Concentric
termination kits]
• Pipe Cover (PTPCES)
• High temperature kit (7736500074)
• Recess box kit (7736500043)
• Pressure relief valve (7 738 001 152)

The Bosch Greentherm C950ES & C1050ES can now be vented using 2" PVC/CPVC and must use the twin pipe system for this application.  Please see the venting section in the installation manual for more details.

The Front cover for the Bosch C950ES & C1050ES is changing from Silver to White.  This will be in effect for all the Greentherm and Therm units.

The Thermal Efficiency for the Greentherm C950ES heater is 94% with an Energy Factor of .95.
The Thermal Efficiency for the Greentherm C1050ES heater is 96% with an Energy Factor of .95.

Warranty updates
For recirculation applications:
The C950ES & C1050ES heat exchanger warranty has been improved to 10 years for the following applications:
- Controlled recirculation applications
- Combination DHW and space heating applications
This warranty statement takes affect with products produced since April 2014 (FD 420). C950ES & C1050ES products produced prior to April 2014 (before FD 420) will follow the previous warranty statement.

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