Thursday, October 16, 2014

Changes to Bosch Therm Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Bosch is always upgrading their products and coming out with new and better models and changes.  Below are a few new changes to the Bosch Therm gas tankless water heaters.

The current silver-gray cover will be changing to Bosch white. This change is consistent with the Bosch residential product visual branding, such as with Greenstar, Greensource, Greentherm, and Therm.  Once the inventory of the units with silver covers is sold then Bosch will start changing over to the new white covers.

Warranty updates
For recirculation applications:
The C950ES, C1050ES and C1210ES heat exchanger warranty has been improved to 10 years for the following applications:
- Controlled recirculation applications
- Combination DHW and space heating applications
This warranty statement takes affect with products produced since April 2014 (FD 420). C950ES, C1050ES, and C1210ES products produced prior to April 2014 (before FD 420) will follow the previous warranty statement.

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