Friday, June 22, 2012

Bosch Greenstar Gas-Fired Condensing Boilers

Bosch has a new line of Greenstar Gas-Fired Wall-Hung Condensing Boilers and they are all very efficient and simple to set and operate.  Space heating boiler for connection to a hot water tank with unsurpassed performance and control. With special insulation to ensure ultra quiet operation and the exclusive keypad safety lock feature to prevent unwanted tampering with heating controls, this unit is the ideal "green" upgrade for detached & terraced houses and is also suitable for apartments.

There are 5 different model Greenstar Boilers designed for space heating only and they are sized by thier BTU capacity. 
The energy-savings and environmental features are:

  • Aluminum-Silicon heat exchanger delivers high efficiency with low temperature applications
  • Low NOx emissions ahead of 2012 SCAQMD regulations
  • Simple, intelligent control options optimize efficiency and fuel consumption
  • Low electrical consumption when the boiler is in standby mode
  • Electronic ignition
  • Anti-cycle and modulation control

  • These Greenstar condensing space heating boilers can be used for either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane installations.   The heaters come preset for Natural Gas (NG), but can be converted to Liquid Propane (LP).  A gas conversion kit is included.

    The Greenstar boilers come with a temperature control FW 200 that can either be mounted to the heater or mounted to the wall beside the heater.  This module allows the heater to be set for different temperatures, zones and the time of day the heater comes on and goes off.  The FW 200 control also comes with a temperature probe that goes to the outside and detects and monitors the outside temperature and then allows the heater to remember the coldest and warmest times of the day and year.

    The Greenstar condensing space heating boilers are specifically designed for space heating only but can also be used for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) when they are piped to an indirect tank and using a pump, aquastat and check valves.

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