Saturday, June 30, 2012

7 Ways to Heat Domestic Hot Water with Bosch Products

Are you looking to heat your domestic hot water (DHW) for your showers, sinks, dishwasher and washing machine? If so, Bosch offers 7 different ways to achieve this goal in highly efficient ways! This blog entry provides a detailed comparison of the different ways Bosch can help you heat your DHW.

1) Bosch Therm gas and propane condensing tankless water heaters. Bosch offers several models of condensing tankless water heaters ranging from 175,000 BTUs up to 225, 000 BTUs. These electronic-ignition tankless water heaters have a secondary condensing heat exchanger that reclaims heat and redirects this heat back to the water thus reducing the exhaust temperature. As a result the exhaust temperature is cool enough to be exhausted via 3" or 4" PVC or CPVC piping. These heaters are generally about 92% efficient and can produce enough hot water for 2 to 3 showers at a time, depending on where you live.

2) Bosch Therm gas and propane non-condensing tankless water heaters. Bosch offers several models of non-condensing tankless water heaters ranging from 75,000 BTUs up to 199,000 BTUs. On the higher end from 175,000 BTUs up to 199,000 BTUs the Bosch tankless water heaters have an electronic ignition and require special 3" or 4" stainless steel venting. These heaters are about 82% efficient and are a great solution for most families. On the lower end the heaters range from 75,000 to 117,000 BTUs and have either a standing pilot light or use Bosch's patented Hydro Ignition system. These heaters are perfect for "off-grid" installations or areas with frequent electricity outages. In the mid-range Bosch offers both indoor and outdoor electric-ignition 140,000 BTU heaters that require 3" stainless steel vent pipe.

3) Bosch Tronic electric tankless water heaters. The Bosch Tronic line of electric tankless water heaters are available both in whole-house models (Tronic 5000 Series) or in point-of-use models (Tronic 3000 Series). Both the Tronic 5000 and 3000 Series heaters are tankless and will produce endless hot water. Be sure to verify that your electric supply meets the minimum requirements for these heaters. The Amperage is the key.

4) Bosch Ariston Pro Ti electric mini-tank water heaters. The Ariston Pro Ti line of mini tanks range from 2.5 gallons up to 7 gallons. Like a regular hot water tank, these mini-tank heaters keep water hot and ready for use in highly efficient glass-lined tanks. These heaters are perfect for point-of-use applications, but will generally be insufficient for showers. The heaters plug directly into a 110 wall outlet and draw only 12.5 Amps.

5) Bosch Compress 3000 HP 200-1 heat pump. The 50 gallon Bosch Compress heat pump is a great addition to the Bosch line of domestic hot water heating products. This ultra efficient water heater uses technology similar to an EnergyStar qualified refrigeratorRather than taking heat from the inside of the appliance and moving it outside as a refrigerator does; the Bosch heat pump technology takes heat from outside the appliance and uses it to heat the water!

6) Bosch Greenstar Combi Boilers. Bosch offers two Greenstar Combination ("Combi") boilers ranging from 100,000 BTUs up to 151,000 BTUs. Each of these two Combi boilers can heat hot water for space heating as well as provide for a domestic hot water loop. These wall-hung, gas-fired condensing boilers are highly efficient. They come ready for natural gas and include a kit to swap over to propane use. Heating DHW with a Greenstar Combi boiler is perfect for homes that require hot water for their space heating needs.

7) Bosch Greenstar Boilers with Indirect Tanks. The Bosch Greenstar lineup of space heating boilers includes four gas-fired condensing boilers ranging from 57,000 BTUs up to 151,000 BTUs. Heating DHW with a Bosch Greenstar space heating boiler is simple when used in combination with a Bosch SST Stainless Steel Indirect Storage tank. Bosch offers four models of indirect storage tanks ranging from 40 gallons up to 119 gallons. The boiler heats a coil that runs through the indirect storage tank which in turn heats the potable water in the tank. 

With seven different ways to heat DHW, Bosch offers a solution for just about any application or need.

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    Bosch Products works best for steady uses, such as showers and filling a dishwasher. Adding one of these Aristons gives you the best of all worlds.