Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Bosch Recirculation Cable Accessory for Bosch Greentherm T9800SE Models

Global Protankless Supply is now carrying the Bosch Recirculation Cable Accessory #7736504585.  The recirculation cable accessory is approved to be used with the new Bosch Greentherm T9800SE 199 & 160 indoor tankless water heaters.  This appliance has been designed to permit recirculation by
controlling an external pump. For this function, the external pump must be electrically connected to the appliance.  Below is one approved recirculation application and for further information see the Bosch Greentherm T9800SE 199 & 160 installation manual on page 35.

External Recirculation Cable Accessory #7736504585 for models:
Bosch Greentherm T9800SE 199
Bosch Greentherm T9800SE 160

For more information or to place an order please call Global Protankless Supply at 866-289-4652.

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