Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bosch Greenstar Floor Standing (FS) Combi & Straight Boilers

Global Protankless Supply is pleased to announce the highly anticipated Greenstar Floor Standing (FS) series boilers. The Greenstar FS Boilers are fully modulating heat only or combi floor standing gas condensing boilers with many of the same features and customer benefits of the Greenstar wall boiler, with some additional innovations.

Installation has been simplified, with two new innovations:

  a. The Greenstar FS includes an integrated supply return manifold that can be field converted into a low loss header (LLH) to accommodate existing pipe work.

  b. All line and low voltage connections have been relocated into junction boxes on
  the back of the boiler for easier access and wiring.

Venting options have been expanded from PVC, CPVC, concentric & ridged PP to also include flexible PP venting. This provides a quick and easy venting solution for retrofit applications where the boiler and piping is not relocated.

The FW200 Weather Compensation Boiler Control (87182262150) is an optional accessory and is not included with the Greenstar Floor Standing Boilers. The New System Control (NSC), capable of controlling multiple zones, will be launched around the same time as the new Greenstar FS to provide a flexible heating combination.  Please call Global Protankless Supply at 866-289-4652 for further details and to place your order.

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